M A T T E R is a creative studio that connects brands with audiences through interesting and engaging design, content, and experiences. 



From International brands like Square to local leaders in luxury, art and design we design unprecedented experiences that consider all of the human senses and allow individuals to connect in unprecedented ways. From site-specific installations, coordinating culinary teams and designing a custom scent for an evening; we consider everything that will ensure your story is told at maximum volume and in the most memorable way possible. Pop-up shops, intimate dinners and charity events are only successful when they are carefully considered. We always err on the side of custom when it comes to connecting in this way. 


Collaboration can be one of the most powerful ways of connecting with new audiences and creating something that elevates your brand. We are constantly connecting our clients and managing partnerships that produce projects that inspire. 


Lookbooks, ad campaigns, video content, branding, and in-store campaigns all take serious strategy and the right team to be successful. Under the creative direction of M A T T E R, we assemble teams based on each project budget and mission. We build custom sets, source the perfect locations, and bring together artists, stylists, and image makers when needed.